Workshops at Treehouse NDSM

Please join one of our FREE workshops, by registering in advance by email at workshops@ndsmopen.nl. Get a glimpse of it and maybe join a yearly course!

13h-14h: Workshop Sketchbook Adventures by Rose Wildsmith (English)
Unchain yourself from sketchbook ‘rules’ with new principles that allow total freedom! Artist Rose Wildsmith will show you more than 10 mixed media techniques for interesting, vibrant spreads.

14h-15h : WORKSHOP Learn the craft of Collage with Helga van Stralen (Dutch/English)
Helga van Stralen will guide you through the creation process of making collages. She will help you with your ideation and determination of form, composition, proportions and technique, taking you on a journey of discovery in the creation of your own beautiful collage.

14h-17h : OPEN PLAYSHOP about self-love for families by Judith Segers
Niks is anders en anders is leuk. Maak iets anders, maak iets leuk(s).

15h-17h : WORKSHOP on upcycling object and plants from Bruna Souza (English)
We invite you to join this workshop focused in recycling used objects into new plant pots. At the end of the workshop each participant may select one object other than the one they brought and take it home with them.

16h-17h : WORKSHOP Make your own Memento Mori by Rose Wildsmith
Memento Mori (Latin for ‘remember you must die’) has been used for centuries as a spiritual and artistic tool. Remembering that life is short helps focus the mind on the important things in life. Come and make your own Memento Mori using mixed media techniques and find out more about this ancient tradition.

17h-18h : WORKSHOP Ink & Brush - seasonal special: Fall by Esther Kin (Dutch/English)
Esther Kin will guide you on looking for different ways to give as much expressiveness as possible to the lines that you put on paper. Together you will pay attention not only to learning skills, but also to your individual creative process. 

18h-19h : WORKSHOP Explore the world of clay with Helga van Stralen (Dutch/English)
You will model a statue under expert guidance of visual artist Helga van Stralen. She will not only support with developing the idea, but also with the techniques needed to make an abstract or figurative statue.