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Vincent Rang

Vincent Rang performs live at the NDSM Theater during NDSM OPEN.

Vincent Rang is an experimental visual artist working with moving images. His work observes, captures and re-arranges the natural dances of life, from wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes and rock formations. The abstract audio-visual experiences offer viewers space to find – and feel - their own truth and interpretation in the work.

His latest ongoing project ‘Pillars Of Creation’ focuses around a water-filled aquarium in which he creates a live choreography using various materials such as inks, plants and light, which he captures with a macro camera and then projects it on a large screen, creating mesmerizing larger than life living paintings.

Check back in for the exact program!

Locatie: NDSM Theater, zuidoost hoek van de Scheepsbouwloods (tegenover Noorderlicht)