Ciao, my name is Gabriele! I come from a small town in the rural north of Italy, where I developed a deep love for nature and animals while helping on my grandmother's farm. 

This connection to veganism shaped my journey, even though I initially pursued a career in accounting. My culinary passion eventually led me to Copenhagen, where I transitioned from accounting to cooking. 

I gained experience at places like the Street Food Court and MadenItaly, specializing in vegan cuisine. Later, I moved to Amsterdam with a mission to introduce vegan options to major tech companies' menus.

In 2021, I published my cookbook 'It's My Kind of Vegan Story' with 67 recipes from all over Italy transformed into tasty, modern, and 100% vegan versions that will satisfy and dazzle any guest..

In October 2022, my story took a new twist. I began preparing the daily lunch for artists in Treehouse NDSM. Inspired by their art and music, I started crafting meals that matched their concerts and exhibitions, blending food and art.
My journey into vegan food is expanding as I'm about to open my laboratory in Treehouse. This space will allow me to explore the connection between art and vegan cuisine deeper, and to produce my line of vegan cheeses made from vegetables, each with a unique flavor. I will present also different workshops to explore the world of creative vegan cooking with a focus on fresh, sustainable ingredients. Learn to craft eco-friendly, delicious dishes that make the most of local, seasonal produce while reducing food waste. Stay tuned for details!

Join me on this ongoing adventure as the Vegan Bear Chef, where the worlds of plant-based food and art come together.

Instagram: vegan_bear_chef