Treehouse NDSM OPEN

Treehouse NDSM

Treehouse is taking part in this year’s NDSM OPEN with a special program! Visit us to find out what’s on offer here at Treehouse and to experience the work of our artists. You can also get an introduction to courses and workshops that they propose all year long for kids and adults. Everybody is welcome! 

At Treehouse NDSM OPEN you can:

- Join drawing, writing, drum, and hand pan workshops and demo's
- Watch films produced by Treehouse filmmakers
- Have your portrait painted by our expressionist Alexander Paton
- Be mesmerized by more art in the central expo hall
- Join the art battle: Who creates the greatest art?
- Be regaled by live storytelling
- Interviews with radio Treehouse
- Delicious Italian food by LFTOVER
- Ever wondered what the life of an artist really looks like?

This Saturday you can also get a glimpse of the behind the scenes of 10+ studios and ateliers, find all participating artists below:

MARTINE de BOER, Piano technique, Studio 55

ROSE WILDSMITH, Painter, Studio 55 B1

HELGA van STRALEN, Visual artist, Studio 55 B2

SAMUEL WILSON, Product designer, Studio 57 E2

BENNY van der PLANK, Photographer, Studio 57 E3

RIKA MAJA DUEVEL, Painter, Studio 57 N5

NANCY BERENDSEN, Concept and branding, Studio 57 H5

LUCA HOLLESTELLE, Painter, Studio 55 A2

MARIUS van ZANDWIJK, Painter, Studio 57 H3

LIES ARIS, Visual artist, Studio 55 E6

JOAN de NEVE, Painter, Studio 55 A3


Visit our website for the full program

Locatie: Treehouse NDSM T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57