A Braindance Selection

Trammetjes Braindance

Braindance afternoon with live perfomances by Gherat_Modular and Sonny Schnitzler.

The Braindance is a nice manner of escaping reality while being confined to a specific location. You can listen to Braindance in a very small room or even a box if you had to. Which of course doesn't rule out the possibilty of listening in a very big warehouse or even at an grandesque deserted airport. If you had the means to broadcast out into space Braindance could be the means to make contact with extraterrestial life...

Let op: bij (erg) slecht weer is de kans dat Braindance niet door kan gaan. Hou de site in de gaten!

Location: Trams, on the water at the foot of the X-Helling (near the installation Barrier Tape on the map)