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Studio 127 - workshop ChattyPub instant publishing

Studio 127 consists of: Hackers & Designers (Anja Groten, Heerko van der Kooij), The Hmm (Lilian Stolk), Versal, Yannick Gregoire, Versal (Megan Garr) & Marieke Berghuis

 During NDSM OPEN Studio 127 will be showing experimental on and offline publishing projects and will host an open walk-in workshop.

In the walk-in workshop participants can explore together  the experimental and instant publishing tool ChattyPub. ChattyPub allows for the creating small publications collectively and on the spot. Participants can join the platform and work on their own devices (computers/tablets/phones) or use one of the computers that will be available at the location. There will be a thermal print station on which zine output can be printed instantly. The workshop will accommodate different levels of engagement. Participants may get involved in all layers of the publishing workflow (writing content, designing the publication with ChattyPub, coding the css styles that determine the design...) or choose to focus on just one aspect.

Participants get to print their publications on the spot and take home with them!

Join us for the workshop between 12-14:00 and 16:00-18:00  

Location: Studio 127 is on the 1e floor of the Kunststad (Art City)