Hessel Pijnaker

I am Hessel Pijnaker, an Amsterdam-Leipzig Based visual artist who explores the depths of his being through intuitive artmaking. With ink I creates organic worlds wich are a reflection of the innerworld; vastly detailed, confronting for some, with a love for life. 

For four years I studied art and artmaking on my own and found a way to connect with myself in a direct way, through expression. This is a very powerfull tool get to know myself, wich I like to share.

De ontaarding en aarding van de mensheid. (Humanity losing and findng itself)

'De ontaarding en aarding van de mensheid' is my debut in the artworld. It was created as a healing and meditative proces and now confronts with the proces of the individual, society and the universe losing and finding itself. The main subject is balance. Religion and spirituality play a big role; so does modern- and indiginous culture. 

I invite you all to come to this very special release at the first of october. The official release will be in the Treehouse at 2 in the afternoon, after wich the artwork will be on display untill 10. 

Locatie:  Treehouse NDSM, studio 57E6