UnEarthed, Vico Persson

UnEarthed - partipatory installation by Vico Persson

In this participatory installation by Vico Persson, you will be presented with clay replicas of objects that have been lost or thrown on the streets of Amsterdam's NDSM area (during the summer of 2023).  The copies form an imaginary archeological archive which becomes the breeding ground for various potential narratives. Join the artist in uncovering the history of the lost bits and pieces, and help grow the collection by crafting your own clay replica. Your creation becomes a part of the installation, and thereby a testament to the evolving landscape of Amsterdam's NDSM area.

Vico Persson is back in the art studio, and he loves it! Originally trained at the Rietveld Academy and the Dutch Art Institute, he worked internationally on diverse projects for several years. After a long pause from art making, he quit his job in the autumn of 2022 and returned to the art studio. The following year, he applied for an atelier at Treehouse NDSM where he is currently working on drawings, collage works, and mixed media. His art is a constant experimental process of transformation, resulting in pieces that invite the viewer to look a second time, allow for complexities, and embrace the possibility of multiple truths. The works often take abstract forms, though they're mostly rooted in concrete ideas and observations from everyday life or literature.

Instagram: vicopersson

Location at Treehouse NDSM : Studio 57C5