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Polina Shuvalova

My artistic practice is primarily focused on capturing the essential nature of tranquility that is so needed in our daily lives. I achieve this through the use of diverse mediums such as mixed media and found object installations, video work, and bookmaking. Within my work, I pay careful attention to the seemingly ordinary encounters that wake up a sense of nostalgia, such as the gentle touch of the morning sun on my face or the evocation of long-forgotten family traditions. It is imperative for me to actively seek out these moments within the tapestry of daily experiences, sometimes by reflecting upon undesirable situations, while other times by capturing serene and peaceful happenings that are devoid of anxiety. 

By encompassing the present moments through writings, reflections, and collective events, I curate an archive of moments that are filled with a sense of celebration; the ones I wish to pay more attention to.  Almost like fairy tales providing the foundation of stability for the future generations, I wish to find this essence of a safe space for the moments of crisis in the present time. Although the scars of abuse, death, and migration may appear healed over time, the longing for solace persists.  It is within these themes in my work I construct depictions of the ephemeral happenings, capturing the essence of the concepts mentioned above through visual media. To achieve this, I explore different methods of pausing and embracing stillness, sometimes adopting a playful approach, while other times evoking a sorrowful and nostalgic sensation. 


Location at Treehouse NDSM : Studio 57H3