In April, a one-month long communal project took place in the vibrant neighborhood
of Tuindorp. ‘Neighborhood Opinions’ . The central objective was to create a fishthemed mural, serving as a symbol of diversity, unity and creativity within the
community. To voice the opinions from the neighborhood Judith incorported these
into the mural, anonimously. The location also used to be a fish parlor

This project is the kick-off initiative from ‘Neighborhood Connectors’, a proposal for
the neighborhood budget 2023 that was voted by the residents. Together with locals
for the area, visual artist Judith Segers created a mural over the panels of the
former fish shop located at Zonneplein. The colorful underwater world depicted in
the mural show a variety of fish, which represent the diversity of opinions that
residents have about the Tuindrop-Oostzaan.

In June the actual mural was recreated for the exhibition ‘Hear all voices” An
interactive installation with a photowall backdrop of the original mural. The audience
was invited to pick up a sign or write their own sign.There was re-claimed
cardboard and markers available to do so. A step by step tutorial explained how to
take a snapshot in front of the backdrop by inserting their mobile into the ringlight
phoneholder. With the sign the audience was encouraged to voice their
opinion. The option to share was encouraged, however not mandatory.
In September and October the installation, together with the signs made by the
audience, will be on display in studio N-06 at Treehouse. The signs for display are
not filtered or censured in any way by the artist.

 Instagram : @muurschilderingzonneplein2023

Location at Treehouse NDSM : Studio 57N6