Esther Kin

DOT STICKER AUCTION    - 13.00 h - 16.00 h 

Your chance to buy my artwork at a bargain price. Bid on an ink work by adding a dot sticker to your favorite work. The opening bid is 50 euros. Available works are presented a week before on my ‘Work page’ ; and on Instagram; @kinesthetisch or Esther Kin on Facebook. 

WORKSHOP Ink & Brush - seasonal special: Fall (Dutch/English) - 17.00 h-18.00 h

Esther Kin will guide you on looking for different ways to give as much expressiveness as possible to the lines that you put on paper. Together you will pay attention not only to learning skills, but also to your individual creative process. 

Locatie:  Treehouse NDSM, studio 57A2