Asaf Lewkowitz

Asaf Lewkowitz is a visual artist. He studied visual communications at the Avni Art Institute, in Tel Aviv, Israel. He Works as a designer, illustrator and has written and directed short films, corporate films and music videos. With his passion for the fine arts, he has been painting at his studio at Treehouse NDSM since 2020. He paints portraits and landscapes and works on finding the balance between the figurative and the abstract. Asaf has taken part in group shows in the Treehouse and at NDSM FUSE gallery. In 2022 he had a solo show titled MEDITATIONS that consisted of 16 portraits of Jazz artists depicted in an unusual way, eyes closed they seem to meditatively be in the moment of creation.  

"I try to create paintings that are evocative, moody and heartfelt. They say that in the end no one clearly remembers things said or done but one always remembers how one made them feel."


Locatie:  Treehouse NDSM, studio 57C3