Marius van Zandwijk

On October 9 th, Marius van Zandwijk has in his studio a mini-show with new paintings of inconvenient places. Places where he has been and that give him feelings of social inconvenience: the central theme of his art practice.
The works on show have their startingpoint in his residency in Reykjavik, ISL, last year. 
Marius van Zandwijk is a painter and lives and works in Amsterdam. He has a background in fine arts (Rietveld Academie) and public administration (Leiden University). He has participated in exhibitions at the following venues:  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Kohta Kunsthalle, Helsinki, FI; SBK/Loods6, Amsterdam; Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, ISL.

Locatie:  Treehouse – Studio 57H3