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Lies Aris / Storyshop


EXPO Skinscenes chapter II

In my studio I will show a mini-exhibition of a larger installation that can also be seen in NDSM Fuse. Hanging and reclining sculptures and work on paper. The work is an investigation into the meaning of your skin. Is your skin a house or a boundary?

WORKSHOP sensory writing

How do you bring a story to life? How do you draw your reader, listener into a story and evoke emotion? By using your senses and making writing physical… Three times a day I’ll give a short workshop where you learn how to write more lively. How readers will be able to smell, feel and envision your story.

There is room for four participants, so register in advance by sending an email with your name and the time slot to

Locatie: Treehouse - Studio 57.C.01