Benny van der Plank | Photography
Photographer Benny van der Plank opens the doors of his new studio during NDSM Open. In his studio, he shows work from various photo series that were exhibited last year during the London Photo Show, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Sarajevo Photography Festival, and Rotterdam Photo. 
For the series Aftermath Hong Kong Protests (2019) he photographed the consequences of the protests in Hong Kong at the end of 2019. By then, clashes between police and protesters had become more frequent and increasingly violent. The series has been on view at several exhibitions worldwide, including in London, Paris, and New York. 
The series Errer (2021) was made during the pandemic when he left for Paris to be inspired for new work. Errer, which translates as wander, is about overcoming setbacks, reinventing yourself, and daring to walk new paths. The series has been exhibited at Rotterdam Photo 2023. 
Multropolis (2023) is an installation project with photographer and visual artist Dora Lionstone. The project proposes the experience of an imaginary city that offers myriad possibilities for new, shared experiences. It encourages viewers to create new mental maps while making space for more connections and perspectives in an ever-changing environment. 

Location: NDSM-Plein 67 (Kunststad, ground floor at Atelier Okan Akin)