Esther Kin


Kris Gonzalez - Iskerka Tatoo

Kris Gonzalez’s work is mostly based on tattoos and body modification, a kind of practice that constantly takes her out of her comfort zone, exploring life through pain and uncomfortable moments. She likes to challenge others to do the same, to push their bodies and souls to feel and experience more. Considering herself an “alien in search of the unknown or unpleasant”, Kris comes from the Spanish countryside and grew up with her grandfather, who was a shepherd. Together they spent hours watching plants, animals and the sky. This gave her insight into the fractal patterns of nature and its power. 

For the  opening studios day she will be tatoing and make a discount of 20% for the people who book a tattoo before September 29 only for Oct 1st.

 Locatie:  Treehouse NDSM - studio 57 B1