Guévork Aivazian

(De)Forestation is a growing series of oil paintings that capture snapshots of nature at different levels of figuration. They act as tribute or documents to raise awareness about the progressive loss of forest areas across the globe. Lively brushstrokes of vivid green are contrasted with threatening dark shadows, which warn of ongoing decline. The canvases vary in size, from small works that evoke an intimate forest scene observed from the window, to life-size paintings immersing the viewer into a world dominated by nature. Although many of us grew up in the city, we feel nostalgic when faced with these representations of abundant nature. In a way, we unconsciously relate to ‘solastalgia’, the kind of homesickness we feel while still at home because our own place is decaying. The act of looking at this series triggers the viewer’s reflection on their place and role on earth.

Text written by Natania Dan ,
Curator at Joods Museum, Amsterdam

NDSM-plein 45, Kunststad