Rose Wildsmith

Rose Wildsmith is a mixed media visual artist living in Amsterdam. 

 Originally from the UK but with a multinational heritage, Rose has spent much time travelling and living in different countries. She makes work that explores the experience of being human in particular axes of time and space. 

Rose operates in a meditative, intuitive way, which she considers to be a spiritual practice. 

Instagram Rose Wildsmith (@rosewildsmith)

WORKSHOP Sketchbook Adventures 13.00 h-14.00 h

Unchain yourself from sketchbook ‘rules’ with new principles that allow total freedom! Artist Rose Wildsmith will show you more than 10 mixed media techniques for interesting, vibrant spreads.

WORKSHOP Make your own Memento Mori 16.00 h-17.00 h

Memento Mori (Latin for ‘remember you must die’) has been used for centuries as a spiritual and artistic tool. Remembering that life is short helps focus the mind on the important things in life. Come and make your own Memento Mori using mixed media techniques and find out more about this ancient tradition.

Locatie:  Treehouse NDSM, studio 55B1