in my studio at work by dhmack

DH Mack

Locatie: Kunststad (begane grond), NDSM-plein 113

Hi, I'm Mack, I've been at NDSM for about 5 years because I needed a studio for my large scale paintings. I had a friend with a studio and he was happy to share his space with me. My paintings are about my fascination with people, society, who we are, where we come from and how we relate to each other. I try to ask questions about today’s society, the absurdity and the intimacy. Anyway, I paint and draw people like you and me, with questions about you and me, come and have a look and feel free to talk to me about the paintings if you have any questions.







In my studio I am mainly drawing. I’m inspired by my daily experiences in Amsterdam. I wander between Waterlooplein, my garden house in Amsterdam-Noord, and the NDSM. In my drawings I focus on themes such as the renovation of the Waterlooplein, the Corona period, science fiction, fashion, philosophy, neighbors and dead animals. At the moment I’m making drawings and paintings about the life and work of Hannah Arendt