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Danielle Kwaaitaal

In her new underwater series ULTRAVIOLET (2020), Kwaaitaal goes in a completely new artistic direction. Flowers have given way to glass vases and ceramic jars. She focuses on her choice of the shapes and contours of the objects, followed by her choice of materials; transparent or solid. We can see subtle shades of light and dark, translucent and opaque. These works are created with a true painter's eye. With Ultravoilet, Kwaaitaal appears to move further and further away from her initial medium, photography. This might be why many view this series as an important moment in her artistic development; her Magnum Opus.

Danielle Kwaaitaal's works are part of several collections of museums and companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Multiple works from the Florilegium and Ultravoilet series were recently acquired for the extensive art collection of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Apart from autonomous work, Kwaaitaal also takes on commission work. Her commissioned pieces range from intimate portrait photography to monumental installations. In 2008, she created Tracing Reality for Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, which covers 450 square meters of the glass facade near Pier B, and is seen by well over six million travelers annually.

Location: Kunststad 39´╗┐