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Babok theater: ReFlex

ReFlex is an intimate experience at a minimal distance. It is a short installation performance in which one visitor, step by step, is isolated from the outside world. Next is a play with light, darkness, reflection and objects giving the visitor an unexpected experience of him or herself and of the nearby performer. The performance is an invitation to introspection, but as well to imagine oneself in someone else’s position.

“a theatrical caress”
“intimacy in isolation, this is exactly what I crave for at this moment” “it’s so near.... it’s an emotional experience”
“like being inside a Pink Floyd album cover”

ReFlex was developed in 2020 and 2021 as a reaction to Covid 19 and deals with the consequences of the one-and-a-halve meter society on the interaction between individuals. The limitations due to Corona and the emotions evoked by this are used to make a subdued, confronting and valuable encounter possible, between performer and audience member.

Locatie : n.t.b. - watch this space!