NDSM OPEN 3a ana queen

Ana Queen

Ana Queen is a Spanish artist currently working on a  project about mental illness and the human brain. "Psycho Flamingo" is an installation of 5 doors, exploring the phases of an episode of psychosis,  using performances and public installations.

The project is an investigation into  the institution of mental hospitals, neurological research into the human brain, and public campaigns raising awareness of the stigmatisation of those coping with mental health issues.

For NDSM OPEN, I create an installation and invite visitors to participate. I place a hanging door -in the public space of the Art City and  provide tools, paint and other materials for the public to customise the door. During  the performance we share thoughts and questions about what hope or faith we might have in human beings and society in relation to mental illness.

There will also be an area for kids to paint based on geometry patterns.

I also do work in my studio which will be open to the visitors. 

Locatie:  Atelier 105, Kunststad, 1st floor