03 at work 2021 by mack


I come from a background in sculpture, photography and film. People, their interactions and environment have fascinated me since childhood. It is because of other people that I grow as a human, get a better understanding of my surroundings and follow my dreams.

In my paintings I try to express a feeling of contemporary experience, a position in society on a social and environmental level. A placing on issues of pandemics, equality and climate change. Issues that we face today and our attempt to create awareness of their existence in hopes of a better future. To take a moment to reflect on who we are and how we feel and how we relate to each other and our surroundings. In my practice I want to express my concern about the position we are in but express the beauty and strength of united people, by painting them in a natural simplistic way to emphasize that people are beautiful as they are.

My artwork is based on my street photography and vice versa. On the street I'm waiting for the right moment to capture a naturally unfolding composition. But in my studio when I'm creating my paintings, I select, cut and paste people that fascinate me, driven by their physical and emotional expression, and place them together to create a group fitting a chosen narrative based on contemporary experiences and social interactions.

As a technique I use pencil and black oil paint on canvas. By using paint as a way to draw the individuals, the painting gets a soft charcoal character. I like the development of the painting to be part of the creative expression.


 Locatie:  Kunststad (begane grond), atelier NDSM-plein 113